Who We Are

Joanna Hoffschneider founded Resolute Consulting to combine her first career in teaching and training with her second in marketing and business development. Joanna has always enjoyed bringing order and focus to the business world around her, providing the space for people to leverage their strengths and expertise.

Joanna has a reputation for incisive analysis and respectful candor. She is known for her ability to hear the signal through the noise, pulling out relevant and impactful threads from the wealth of information provided by stakeholders. These skills benefit both individuals and organizations, applied at different scales.

Organizational engagements are roughly divided into retainer-based engagements, providing strategic support and focus for organizational leadership; special projects, addressing a specific identified need; and professional development, developing, designing, and delivering educational services at a range of scales and intervention points.

Individual engagements include one-to-one coaching, customized for the individual but always specific and forward-facing; group coaching, addressing themes through custom curricula; and workshops, often delivered in partnership with other practitioners.

Joanna also speaks regularly at conferences for professional associations and private clients, and facilitates retreats and off-site meetings.

An expat-Brit who grew up in the Far East, Joanna’s multi-cultural point of view and natural curiosity allow her to provide perspective for a wide range of audiences.  She works extensively with the A/E/C community as her family included an engineer, an architect, and a project manager! She also brings her commitment to social justice to her work, working with non-profits to improve their messaging, tighten their organizational focus, and refine their market positioning.

“I’ve learned that operating at the intersection of strategy and learning allows me to really serve my clients – helping them to be more focused, calm, and motivated then when we started work together.

Our Story

As Resolute comes up to our third birthday, we re-examined our origin story.  The key parts still hold true.  When you’ve always known what you wanted to do, the leap is easy! Resolute Consulting took all the “best bits” of previous roles and made them the full role, allowing us the opportunity to play to our strengths – and help our clients to do the same.

When we launched reactions ranged from “Of course that’s what you’re doing!” to “About darn time…”. Resolute is the natural next step in a long career and we’re so thrilled to be here.

And, yes, there’s a story to the name! Ask Joanna to tell you when you next meet.