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Recent Conferences and Speaking Engagements

Joanna has been a presenter and facilitator for many professional association forums, including:

  • (Association of School Board Officials) ASBO MD Allen Gaddis Leadership Academy
  • AIA DC Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program
  • AIA (various chapters)
  • Women Leading the Future Conference
  • Women in Construction Conference
  • A4LE (various chapters)
  • SMPS (various chapters)
  • CREW (various chapters)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Joanna has also been interviewed for several business television programs and for podcasts. She’s a regular speaker at conferences and trainings, including private company events.

Recent conferences include:

March 2018. SMPS NERC (NorthEast Regional Conference)

  • Marketer know thyself – co-presented with David Lunken, Cedarbrook Advisors
  • Contributor for close-out panel

June 2018. AIA DC Leadership Month

  • Leadership Within the Firm
  • Moderator

September 2018. Confidential General Contractor

  • Regional Conference for Superintendents
  • BDM Best Practices
  • Presenter

October 2018. Regional AIA Conference, Design DC

  • What Color is Your Collar? A Range of Work, Live, and Play Options for Equity
  • Moderator

October 2018. Women in Healthcare: Annual Female Leadership Summit

  • Know thyself – an essential tool for working in teams.
  • Co-presented with David Lunken, Cedarcroft Advisors

November 2018.  SMPS MD

  • Maryland K-12 Panel
  • Moderator

November 2018.  Confidential Design Firm

  • Team-building and communication
  • Facilitator