Pro Bono Services

The Washington, DC metro area is fortunate to have a rich landscape of non-profits doing important work in many sectors of society. Many of these groups operate on limited budgets and very lean staffing models. While they excel in delivering services, they sometimes struggle to effectively communicate their message to donors and volunteers, and to cultivate the skills of their staff.

As part of Resolute Consulting’s business model, we partner with a non-profit group each year to provide capacity building services. This is a 12-month strategic commitment to provide expertise and bandwidth across the marketing, communications, and strategy spectrum. The goal is to be an accelerator for the group’s effectiveness, allowing progress to be made during the period of assistance, and putting structure in place for self-sufficiency afterwards.

For 2018, we partnered with The Father McKenna Center.

Services included:

  • Strategic resource for the President
  • Retreat facilitation for the Board and the Staff
  • Communications strategy and tactics
  • Social media planning and implementation, including analytics
  • Messaging support, including new website and videography
  • Professional development for emerging leaders

Recognizing the significant shifts we made in 2018 needed sustaining, and the tremendous evolution underway for the Center, the commitment from Resolute has continued for 2019.