Meeting you where you are

The spring and summer of 2020 have brought upheaval for us all. Resolute is committed to serving our clients, and leveraging our expertise to bring value for anyone who may need strategic support, training, and coaching.

Supporting you in getting where you need to be

We’ve developed a suite of adapted services, embracing remote and virtual delivery, while preserving our commitment to activated, pragmatic, and implementable solutions.

  • Training: Resolute works with nonprofits, companies, and professional associations to deliver affordable and meaningful virtual training. We understand adult learners and create engaging programs with implementable learning and relevant support – worksheets, scenario modeling, breakout discussions, pre-surveys, etc. We have a robust library of customizable training and develop specialist programming.
  • CV-19 Specific Resources: Resolute is developing content that specifically responds to the Coronavirus pandemic and the influence on our work lives. We recognize the tremendous changes both employers and employees are facing, and we want to give you tools and training for success. This programming has been extensively tested and made available through public webinars. It’s now available to companies and professional associations. Downloadable topic outlines are listed below and more will be added as the situation evolves. Please contact Joanna to discuss how to provide this content to your teams.
  • Weekly webinars: One of our differentiators is our work at the intersection of business and education. That position informs our content and our delivery – we’re committed to relevancy, speed-to-use, and real-life application. Our regular Thursday 3:05 pm “Learning Break” webinars cover an eclectic range of topics for professional and personal development. Individual links take you to program descriptions and registration.
    • 5/21 Working in Isolation: Reflection as a feedback tool
    • 5/28 The Rubric Series #2: This, Not That
    • 6/4 Build Your Own Path: Atypical career choices in atypical times
    • 6/11 The Rubric Series #3: Appreciative Enquiry
    • 6/18 Compassionate Accountability: Why we do (or don’t) do what we say
    • 6/25 The Rubric Series #4: Adapting SWOT Analyses

“Joanna presents material in a relatable and organized way so you can see the big picture and then implement tangible action steps with an understanding of the impact

training participant
  • Retainer-Based or On-Call Consulting: video/phone conference support for leadership teams. Regular meetings to drive accountability, supplemented with sessions easily booked through Calendly in 30 minute increments. Use for processing the changing landscape, maintaining strategic focus, accountability partnership, whatever you and your team need!
  • Adapted On-Call Coaching: video/phone conference sessions to address specific challenges. Meetings easily booked through Calendly in 30 minute increments. Use for problem solving, accountability partnership, focus and productivity solutions, whatever you need!
  • Career Coaching: We offer two curriculum based intensive career coaching programs. Break Your (Mid-Career) Rut is a group program, with the next session starting in early May. Career Reboot is an individual program.

 “Joanna was a patient, organized, focused, funny, and helpful [coach] with an uncanny ability to summarize exercise results into just a few helpful, insightful sound bites.” 

prior coaching client

Services sheets – downloadable pdfs

Each of these service sheets gives details of programming, application, and pricing. We encourage you to also reach out to Joanna to discuss your needs.