• [Joanna is an] intentional listener who is able to make connections and offer insightful and helpful information and recommendations. I felt like she was truly working to help me improve myself and move the needle accelerate my career.

    Break Your Rut group coaching participant
  • BYR provided a platform to intelligently audit my career, personal drivers, and areas to develop. The thoughtful coaching and content paired seamlessly with our cohort structure, resulting in an incredibly impactful program. In a crowd of professional coaching programs, Resolute Consulting’s Break Your Rut is an unequivocal stand out – and an absolute must if you are serious about your career.

    Break Your Rut group coaching participant
  • Joanna was a patient, organized, focused, funny, and helpful leader with an uncanny ability to summarize exercise results into just a few helpful, insightful sound bites. She kept us on task…no matter how much we tended to wander with our conversations…and made the most of the time we had together.

    Group coaching client
  • For the last ten years, I’ve witnessed Joanna’s steadfast commitment to developing businesses opportunities no matter the objective. She has a keen sensibility for people, relationships, communication and how to best foster these three pillars into a successful business and operation.

    Marisa Michnick, Director, Leasing Operations,Madison Marquette