Strategic Support + Capacity Building

Working in the business and on the business simultaneously is difficult! Let us help you maintain your focus and momentum, allowing you to better serve your clients and your mission. Specific services are listed below, but our range of offerings is broad. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your needs – and to get trusted referrals if you need other services.

Strategic Planning

Without a plan, where are you going and how will you know when you get there? We regularly facilitate strategic planning, taking you from deciding who should be involved, to crafting a plan and communicating it to your team.

We’ve led off-site retreats, conducted climate surveys, and guided goal and priority setting for firms of varying sizes and with differing industry focus. We build a scaleable model depending on how much support you need and refine the scope of service to meet your timeline and budget. Contact us to receive our tips when considering a strategic plan and to set up a meeting.

Marketing + Business Development Support

Market positioning, client analysis and target identification, effective messaging, website analytics…. The to-do lists are endless and the competition for resources is intense.

We help you prioritize what to do, figure out how to do it, and then get it done together! We can coordinate other consultants and vendors, take on significant scope of work that you don’t have the team to support, and guide your existing team to success.

Leveraging decades of experience, Resolute brings a plan and measurable progress to your BDM initiatives.

Accountability + Execution

We’ve all done it: you craft a fabulous plan and it sits on the shelf, gathering dust and making you mad! Let us help you make those plans a reality. Whether you’re an overwhelmed sole practitioner or an over-stretched company owner, we can help you to stay accountable to yourself and others – ensuring the resources you invested in planning are not wasted.